Quarantine 2020....NYC

Quarantine 2020....NYC

 ~ Surviving Quarantine 2020 ~ It's Healthy To BE Creative ~


In these challenging COVID 19 times, it seems that "fashion is       just not that important ". However the talent of designer, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs shouldn't be discounted.  It's challenging time such as these that creativity sores. Creativity is necessary. Creativity is healthy. It's and outlet to help us stay balanced. Our health includes the need for creativity and so it should be celebrated as such.

While, it is detrimental times of people suffering from the virus and it's circumstances , family, health, friends remain crucial. Yet we yearn for creativity in music, dancing, cooking, an interesting book, creative communication, and new ways to move forward thru survival of our physical and mental.

Let's continue along that mindset and celebrate the creativity of Creatives. 


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